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 Roleplay Chat is a chatbox that is on every page that can be roleplayed on. It's the chatbox that you could use to say that you posted on a certain page to some one, or you could just drop by to say a simple 'Hello!' (ex: I posted in Thunderclan! @Shadowstar) (ex: Hey guys!)



 The only place you can be truly wild....

You lay there in the cold, shattered, remains of a forest, trying to stay warm in your makeshift den. Nothing seems right you feel like you're being watched. You fears are confirmed when you hear a threatening voice behind you. "You are not welcome in these forests. You're not from here? You don't smell like any of the other Clans. Don't plan on staying long, get lost kitty!" He says. Then another voice is heard...."Wait.....Winter is hard enough already, would you send a cat out to their death?" A beautiful black she-cat steps from the night and purrs. The tom at first looks surprised, but then bows his head and shakes it. The she-cat looks you in the eyes "Jon us, and you too can enjoy the freedom of being a Warrior, most important you will have others to care for you in time of strife. We need you as much as you need us" You thunk for a moment, then nod, you'd like a home. She smiled as two more cats step from the shadows into your view "Prepare for the battles of your life. As a warrior you must defend yourself." one voice says. The black she-cat, with her kind green eyes blinked at you with a smile as she spoke "We are StarClan cats. I'm Shadowstar, the former leader of ShadowClan" the next cats spoke up "I am Breezestar, former leader of WindClan" The tom who found you met your eyes "I am Foxstar of ThunderClan" The last one, stepped forward and dipped her head in greeting "And I am Skystar of RiverClan" Skystar stepped aside and let once more for Shadowstar to speak. "You alone have been chosen to fight and hunt with us, and follow our code, we are only dead cats of old, but you can go to the forest, and when you do, you are left with a choice only you can make...."

What clan will you choose?

ShadowClan of the proud 

ThunderClan of the brave

RiverClan of the loyal

WindClan of the swift


We are Warriors

and this is the wild....  

Welcome to Shadowstars Warriors

Site Staff

Site Owner: Shadowstar

Admins: Rose, Innice, Brokenheart

Mods: Hollycloud 





Special Thank's to Mywarriorcats for the great graphics! And Very Speacial Thank's to Brokenheart, and Rose for working determinedly on the site! ~Sincerly, Shadowstar 

Smell the fresh air of a warriors world! I'm Shadowstar, or Shady. I own the site, and if you ever need help, it's my pleasure to help you! I love the color blue, and I love cats of course! I really love to Roleplay, so especially if you're bored, Give me a shout! 

Hello, I'm Brokenheart, one of the editors here at Shadowstar Warriors. I am an animal lover and a minecrafter. I am a fast typer and my favorite color is Black. I love to Roleplay and this is one of my first Roleplaying sites I was on. I am pretty nice and understanding. And Trustworthy. I am someone who loves to help and pretty flexible with things. I try not to be mean, but sometimes I can be snarky, those days, I will be ignoring everyone or not even on. but just remember, you all are awesome, and don't let anyone change that, even though I personally don't know a lot of you, I still value for life and always want to be someone you can talk to. My favorite animals are wolves and cats. I am pretty clever. My two favorite movies are V for Vendetta, and The Conjuring. I love scary movies and have read all the warriors books, except for the new prequel series. See you through the screen!

Hey guys! Its Rose here! :3. I go by Rosey also. I am an admin here on Shadowstar Warriors. I love drawing, Singing, and of course roleplaying. I hope to roleplay with you. I have read all of the warriors books besides the Manga's. I have also read all of the Seekers books besides the Manga's. I love all kinds of music. Name it pretty much. Its rare if i dislike songs. My favorite artist is probably Pink. My favorite artist that isnt famous is Holly Henry. Check her out ;3 she was on The Voice. I read like all genres. Even like NonFiction but those aren't my favorite. 

 Hey all! I am Innice! One of your talented, gifted, perfect, awesome, fantastical Administrators here at Shadowstar Warriors! Please, call me Inny, or pretty much any nickname that fits, my greatest friends call me Darky. I am the king of nicknames, need one? I'm right here. There are many things to tell about myself, but i'll try to make it brief for the sake of humanity(; First up, I have a wonderful sense of humor and I love books, warriors being one of my all time favorites, and I read so much i'm not going into all the books that I love. I love to Rp, so hit me up anytime, I tend to do super long posts, so be ready to wait a bit, but I'll be making your wait as short as possible with my fast fingers, I type 80 WPM on average. My favorite color is orange, so that's my signature color, any note from me will typically be the color orange. Animals are another passion of mine along with sports! I love to do athletic things! My personal favorite is soccer, I have currently been playing 11 years. I also love softball, basketball, and I was on the school track team. I would rather not get mad, but nobody's perfect, so just keep to the rules and you and I will get along great!


This is one of the Three ways you can chat to people. The second is PM and the third is Profile Comments

Advirtise here

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Warrior Theme Songs

Have an interesting song that defines your cat? A song that calls your cat's name on the battle field? Post it in the guestbook and we'll add it down here!


Quietstar: Animal I've Become - by Three Day's Grace

Downpour: Fireflies - by Owl City

Silentstrike: Numb - by Lincoln Park

Twistedstar: Bad Blood - Creature Feature

Gingerpaw: To The Sky - by Owl City

Crowpaw: Missing - by Evanescence

Coldblood: Headstrong - by Trapt 


(Seasons will most likley be changed every 2-3 months)

The snow has just melted, plants are growin', no more snowin'! There's a new scent in the breeze, kits are playing, and cats in general are just enjoying the weather! There's less complaining now that the snow is away, and it's much easier to find prey for your Clan. What will your cat do next? Go on patrols? Meet new cats? Wander into the depths of the unknown?

Quote of the season:

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.”

― Pablo Neruda


Here are the Site Rules, breaking them can and will lead to punishment. Staff chooses punishment based on frequency and severity. 

1. No Advertising, Spamming.

2. Keep things PG13 and under. No swearing, no extreme gore, and no detailed sexual content, there is no need for it.

3. The administrations word is law. You will respect and obey all staff members.

4. You are allowed to have a maximum of 9 cats. Only two can be high ranking cats and those two cannot be in the same Clan and must be different ranks. 

5. You are not allowed to create kits. If you want kits, you must adopt, or have kits with your mate. 

6. To have a cat be pregnant, there has to be a mate. 

7. No incest mating please. Also, no same sex mating. We aren't saying we don't support it, but in nature, it just doesn't happen with two animals, sorry.

8. No discriminating of any kind. Here, everyone is equal. If you or someone else is being cyberbullied on here, talk to the admins, do not try and handle it yourself, you might make it worse.

9. Cats do not have super powers, no flying or anything. This includes powerplaying, no cat can be huge, all powerful and able to beat every cat in battle. Everyone has a weakness.

10. Keep things realistic when making a bio. There are no purple cats with neon pink eyes people, nor would they have unrealistic names. (Kittypets are exceptions because twolegs named them)

11. You must be active for at least twice, maybe once a week. People with high ranks and staff have to be on 3-4 times a week at minimum.

12. If you are inactive for two weeks without telling us why, your cats will be in danger of being deleted, after a total of 3 weeks, your cat will be deleted. This is shorter for high ranks. And if you come back, there is a SLIM chance that you will get your cat back if you are extremely active. Do not beg for it. But in case you are worring, we do keep them in file.

13. Do not beg, whine, do not even ask to be a high rank, admin etc. If those positions are open we will post an annoucement, and begging will lower your chances of getting that position.

14. Lastly, this is Roleplay, any problems between characters stay between characters,  so if a anothers cat says someting to your cat that is rude, do not get mad outside of Roleplay, it is after all Roleplay.

Try to have fun. We work hard in the site to have you guys enjoy it. We are always open for suggestions and always feel free to contact the admins for questions or concerns. Thank you for reading this far, we are proud of you.

Sincerely, your staff